Traditional Solitaire Rings

Platinum and Diamond Solitaire with Accent Diamond Pavé
Platinum Solitaire with Diamond Pavé Accents.HM
Emerald cut diamond with sapphire and diamond surround engagement ring
Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire with Diamond and Sapphire Halo
Cushion cut center diamond with diamond surround solitaire
Solitaire Ring, Cushion Cut Surround Diamonds
Engraved Surround Diamond Solitaire
Platinum Hand Engraved Surround Diamond Solitaire
3.00ct. oval cut diaond solitaire with diamond accents, copyrighted original from Thomas Michaels Designers, Inc.
3.00ct. Oval Cut Diamond Platinum Solitaire
Platinum Solitaire with Surround Diamond Pavé
Antique Style Solitaire
Sapphire Surround RIng
Sapphire and Surround Diamond RIng
Yellow Diamond Ring with Surround White Diamond Accents
Yellow Diamond Ring with Surround White Diamond Accents
Diamond Engagement ring with 3.01ct Cushion Diamond and pavé accents
Diamond Cushion Cut Solitaire with Diamond Pavé
Rose gold surround diamond solitaire
Handmade Rose Gold Halo Diamond Solitaire
Diamond Intensive Engagement Ring
Diamond Intensive Engagement Ring
Platinum Diamond Solitaire