Celestial Collection

White gold and white and purple color diamond star earrings
Star Earrings with White and Purple Diamonds E7400P
White gold and white and purple color diamond star pendant.
Star Pendant with White and Purple Diamonds P7400P
18KT white gold and pink .60ct. diamond dome earrings
Pink Diamonds Scattered on Dome Earrings E3350P
Diamond and 18KT yellow gold bracelet set with 1.10ct.
Diamond and 18KT Yellow Gold Multi-Link Bracelet, BR3310
Diamond and 14KT 1" Square Earrings set with .86ct. diamonds
Diamond and 14KT Gold Square Earrings
Diamond and 14KT yellow gold 1.125" disc earrings set with 1.20ct.
Diamond and 14KT Yellow Gold 1.125" Discs set with 1.20ct. Diamonds
18KT and 1.00ct. Diamond 10mm Multi-Linked Bracelet
18KT Yellow Gold and Diamond 10mm Multi Link Bracelet BR3310
Diamond (3.04ct.) and gold lunar crescent earrings
Diamond and Gold Lunar Crescent Earrings
Diamond and gold celestial collection linked bracelet, earrings and ring
Diamond and Gold Bracelet, Earring, Ring BR3315
14KT yellow gold and white and cognac diamods
White and Congac Diamond Celestial Collection
Diamond and gold collection round earrings and dome rings
Diamond and Gold Dome Earrings and Rings E3350B
Diamond and gold collection, star and hoop earrings, dome ring
Diamond Star and Hoop Earrings, Dome Ring
Bangle Bracelet, Earrings and Ring, Celestial Collection BR3400
Gent's Scatter of Diamonds Ring
Celestial Gent's Ring
Diamond and Gold Heart Earrings E6300
Diamond and Gold Celestial Bangle Bracelet BR3200
Diamond and 14KT Yellow Gold 2.00ct. Hoop Earrings