Turquoise, onyx and diamond cuff bracelet
Bracelet Cuff, Striking Turquoise, Onyx & Diamond
Diamond flexible ring in 18KT Yellow Gold
Diamond Flexible Ring
Fluted Amethyst & Diamond Earrings Set in 18kt Yellow Gold
Fluted Amethyst & Diamond Earrings
Diamond and turquoise earrings
Turquoise and Diamond Highlights Earrings
White and yellow diamond earrings
Diamond Earrings Loop de Loop All Around
Pear Shape Amethyst and citrine, surrounded by diamonds set in 18KT yellow gold
Diamond, Amethyst, Citrine "Coat of Arms" Earrings
Diamond and Citrine necklace set in 18KT yellwo gold
Diamond and Citrine Necklace, Marquise de Citrine
Blue Sapphires & Diamonds Set in Platinum & 18kt White & Yellow  Gold
Blue Sapphire and Diamond Linked Bracelet
Star Sapphire and Diamonds Set in Platinum ring
Ring, Star Sapphire and Diamonds Set in Platinum
Amethyst, Diamond and 18KT Yellow Gold, Royal Purple Fantasy Necklace
Diamond and Emerald Flexible Cuff Bracelet
Amethyst, Citrine, Emerald and Diamond Ring