The Designers

Since meeting in jewelry design class at Kent State University, Thomas and his wife Nora have worked closely together focusing their lives on design development and the creation of the most ultimately advanced, aesthetically and spiritually pure, elegant and beautiful jewelry that is within their capacity. Trained formally as individual artists, we have developed a unique technique for collaborative design. They have our own strengths that they bring to each project. They feel their technique for collaborative design brings forward a stronger piece. Two philosophical design approaches affect all their work, one is "less is more" and the other is "form follows function". This philosophy of design creates a beautiful functional piece of jewelry. Inspirations come from the natural world around them as well as inspiration from humanity's creative spirit from the ancient world to our present day.
Thomas is a third-generation, contemporary jewelry designer who has been immersed in the art/craft movement all of his life. Nora has been trained and is a contemporary artist in various media. Together they have been working in 14KT, 18KT and platinum exclusively since the ’70’s. They feel these traditional materials afford a universal archetypal response which linked with a comfortably wearable piece creates a clean “canvas” that then allows them to design and tailor mass, form and texture which also must incorporate the technical constraints of the gemstones involved.
"Experimentation with innovative setting techniques and processes is another hallmark of ours.  Recognition has come from our development and popularization of what we have coined as the “flush-mounted look”, which is such a clean solution to the dilemma of cohesive incorporation of gemstones and metal surfaces (which is one reason why so many designers now use the technique that we pioneered). Since opening our gallery and working exclusively with private clients, we have expanded the lines that we had evolved as wholesale designer manufacturers. As designers, master jewelers, and technicians any piece is possible, creating lovely individual pieces that interface gemstones, metal preferences and the considerations of the wearer. In this manner we are creating contemporary heirloom jewelry that delight the owner.
The joy of finding yourself in a position where ideas and design motivation pour forth with such velocity is an exciting place to be. Our enrichment, obtained from creating, is never surpassed by the passion and love affair the final wearer feels for her piece of jewelry."